Are You A Web Developer?  Here Are 20 Websites For All Your Needs!  

If you’re a web developer, the following websites will give you all the info you need on the latest happenings in your field.
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Saturday, May 03, 2014:  Web developers and designers often venture online in the pursuit of good websites and blogs whenever they find cornered by some new concept that they might not know initially. The following websites offer great insight for web developers looking for that edge when it comes to the latest in their field.

1.O’Reilly Network

Features various articles and blogs relating to web development and open technologies.

2.Coding Horror

Very popular blog by Jeff Atwood, a software developer boasting of over 100,000 RSS subscribers.


One stop shop for all the news and resources about PHP from blogs and sites that cover the language.

4.Boxes and Arrows

Features best practices, innovations, and trends in design. Topics include information architecture, graphics design, and user interaction design.


Graphics and web design blog created by Chris Spooner, a graphics and web designer. Consists of tutorials on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop plus free downloadable resources.

6.Design Reviver

Provides many good tutorials for web designers.

7.Style Grind

Provides useful news and information about web technologies and designs.

Social bookmarking site where members can post bookmarks to keep and share.

9.Design Float

Social media site created for web and graphics designers.


Social news site where developers can share links related to development and can also vote on submissions.


Ajax community where you can find information, reviews on JavaScript frameworks, helpful tools, and server-side technology specific articles.


Blog created by Ray Cheung, a freelance web developer that provides news and resources related to open source and free applications useful to web developers and designers.

13.Tutorial Blog

Provides handy tutorials, resources, and lists on various web development and design.

14.Adaptive Path Ideas

Provides news and posts on the topic of user interface design.

15.Signal vs. Noise

A design/usability blog by 37 Signals that gives insights about being a productive and effective web application developer.

Jonathan Snook’s blog provides tutorials and articles about PHP, JavaScript, and Adobe AIR.

17.Wake Up Later

Samuel Ryan’s blog talks about general web development instead of covering specific web development techniques or providing tutorials.


Provides information on web development and design on topics like Ajax, CSS, development techniques, best practices, and workflow management.

19.Smashing Magazine

Excellent resource for web designers and developers looking for inspiration.

20.Web Designer Wall

Nick La’s blog features design ideas and elaborate tutorials on the same.
Source: Saurabh Singh, EFYTIMES News Network


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